I am a creative professional with experience in journalism, corporate communications, and creative content development. I am the brain behind the record label Phal Music, portal audiosootra.com, and instagram page Pawsome Brats.

A brief about me.

I come with 5 years of varied experience in journalism, corporate communication, and marketing. Having started my career with Star of Mysore as a Special Correspondent (Intern), and moving towards producing content and videos for digital properties at Trivone, and now, as a brand custodian at IndiQube, I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say, I‘ve done it all – from writing, editing and managing content to handling social media channels, and from writing press releases to devising effective PR and new marketing strategies, and even from designing a basic social tile to producing videos – I have experienced it all over these years.


Works to speak for themselves

News Writing & Features

From blogs to news portals including TechTree.com and Huff Post, I have penned over 2000 articles.

Review Videos

I have been a one stop solution right from pre-production, production, and post-production for 100s of review videos on TechTree.com and Audiosootra.com.

Branding & Communication

Planning the brand communication, creating brand guidelines, creative solutions to instill brand recall - I have done it all at IndiQube and for my personal projects.

Music & Other Videos

My experience of producing music videos under my label 'Phal Music' and other videos for a few independent clients as a freelancer have been challenging considering the budget limitations, thus providing me a better learning curve.

Songs, Voice-over & Background Score

I have composed and produced 8 songs, written background score for a few short films, and recorded voice-over for a couple of jingles, documentaries, and corporate films.

Creative Designs

Designing on creative applications including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has been alongside me in almost every part of my journey.

Brands I have associated with in my journey.

Content Management, Content Development, Digital Media, Audio / Video Production, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing / Management, Creative Thinking, Corporate Communication.


My personal projects include music, videos, and social media content. They have helped me broaden my skillset while showcasing my passion and versatility in the media industry.

My love for music and my experience as a journalist insired me to start a dedicated blog for audio technology and independent music, audiosootra.com.

I started Phal Music as a record label and enable me to produce songs in an organized way and help me collaborate with musicians across the globe.

I and my wife have adopted three cats and we couldn’t help ourselves but create an Instagram page to showcase their apparent naughty behavior.

Have a project we can work together? I would love to hear from you!