A God Damn Connection Between Elections And Road Repairs In India!

A few days ago, heavy road construction machines started making a lot of noise near our home. It had been a long time since we heard such noises even though ours is a prime locality in our city. Asphalt is being laid and the “Drrrrrrr” sound of the asphalt mixers and other heavy machines boosting to the level no one can imagine. The main road situated to the back of our home is getting wider! It’s good and happy to see India developing. After all, we all love our India. But, a simple question that strikes my mind is – “Why does the roads get repaired only just before the elections?”

Once a politician gets elected, he stays calm till the end of his term and when the next election appears he gets active and get the roads repaired. I don’t know about other countries but in India this is the case. But why? Is it really a concern he is showing to the society or is it a concern he is showing upon himself to win the upcoming elections?

In a country like India, elections can do anything. Literally anything! I read recently in a newspaper that the government has ordered to repair the roads leading to the election booths so that the citizens of India can vote without any trouble. Oh! So you people (Government) mean to say that the citizens of India do not need good roads to commute when there are no elections. Is it?

The roads lay untouched throughout the year even though they are in their worst possible conditions. But as soon as the elections approach the roads get repaired! Some say the MP fund needs to utilized for the society! Haha! Oh really? So why don’t you utilize it until the next elections appear? Is it that the politicians repair the roads so that they can eat some more money before their term ends? A point to ponder about for sure!

These asphalt mixtures are laid so marvelously in India that just after the elections the asphalt surface of the road gets damaged and craters can be seen here and there! Now this is “Time Management”. Well, that’s Incredible India! Can’t help it!

Sometimes, India’s most famous way of asphalt surfacing makes me seriously laugh to the core! Roads are filled with patches of new asphalt layer and it’s thickness is not even as thick as my skin I guess!

There is seriously a God damn connection between elections and road repairs in India!

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