Born to a family full of media professionals, musicians, and writers, I was introduced to the creative industry right from an early age. Hence, it did not take much time for me to realise my interest in media and entertainment, and dive into pursuing my education and also start a career in the related fields.

The intrigue nature of media and the thought process of shaping up of different ideas, strategies, content, promoting brands and communication, narrating stories, and the sheer creative aspects that are involved in the entire journey has kept me fascinated and spell bound.

This fascination towards media probably started when, as a kid I enjoyed watching my favourite cartoon series, reading comic strips on newspapers, and watching television shows just for the sake of ad commercials that came in between. However, back then, I never realised the efforts put in to create those sensational works.

Driven by this fascination towards media, I completed my MBA in Media & Entertainment from Bharathidasan University and Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism from Karnataka State Open University.

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I come with 5+ years of varied work experience in journalism, corporate communication, branding and public relations. Having started my career with Star of Mysore as a Special Correspondent (Intern), and moving towards producing content and videos for digital properties (techtree.com and cxotoday.com) at Trivone Media Networks, and then, as a brand custodian at IndiQube, I can easily tell I have done it all – from writing, editing and managing content to handling social media channels, and from editing press releases to devising effective PR and new marketing strategies, and even from designing a basic social tile to producing videos – I have experienced it all over these years.


During my tenure at one of the leading technology news portals in India, techtree.com, I was fortunate enough to be a member of an editorial team comprising of some popular names from the Indian Media Industry. This helped me gain a lot of hands on experience as I reported over 1000 news stories, produced 50+ videos, and even covered international events including Gartner’s Symposium and Huawei Connect.


Later on, my diverse interest in media, branding, and communications led me to join IndiQube as part of the Branding & Corp Comm team, being deeply involved in corporate communications, designing pitch presentations, writing press releases, and planning new marketing and PR strategies. I was also responsible for conceptualizing a new brand image for the company with the creation of a mascot named ‘Qubsy’.

It is an immense pleasure to mention that I have been a student of stalwarts like Pt. Prabir Bhattacharya Ji, Pt. Veerbhadraiah Hiremath Ji, and Venugopal Krishna. I laid my hands onto music production during my high school through variety of independent projects such as local short films, ad jingles, and TV shows for cable networks. Today, I run my own blog, audiosootra.com, where I write and develop content about audio technology and independent music scenario, and I have founded phal music, an independent record label to produce my projects and collaborate with international musicians alike.