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Originally published in Star of Mysore

‘Mysore is my heroine in my anthem for MYSORE WARRIORS’, says Raghu Dixit! Noted Music Director, Singer and Composer Raghu Dixit, who has composed the Team Anthem “Nee Salam Hodi” for Mysore Warriors, the KPL franchise from Mysore owned by NR Group, manufacturers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies, was in city and Star of Mysore caught up with the Mysorean at heart and a musician by soul. What Mysore is to you?

Well, it’s my home town and the best years of my life have been there right from childhood to Pre-University and Post-Graduation. That is definitely still where my heart is [laughs]… and my mom is! It is the centre of my universe. 

“Nee Salam Hodi” is a unique anthem of its own kind with some extra energies filled in it. What made you compose it the way it is? 
The song had to reflect the energies and sentiments of Mysore Warriors. The word ‘warriors’ itself pretty explains that the boys are ready for the battle and the song had to be a battle cry! Yet, at the end of the day, it is just a game with fun added into it. There is nothing better than the “Tapanguchi” style to express fun in Karnataka [laughs]. It is the heartbeat of folk music in Karnataka. And also from the audience perspective I had to bring in the fact that the team belongs to our city and that’s the reason for the words “Nee Salam Hodi.”

So, you are happy supporting them…
Absolutely! See I am from Mysore and I am just fortunate enough that some Belgaum or Bellary team didn’t invite me to compose a theme song [laughs].

And, how do you feel working for the anthem?
I had complete pride and honor in accepting the work and thanks to Arjun Ranga [team owner]. He used to be my classmate in PU at Mahajana. So, that’s the connection we have. For all these twenty years, he never gave me a single call or a message [laughs]. Now he called me and it was for a good reason [laughs].

You met your long lost friend [Arjun Ranga] again in life! How was it?
Well, yes, this anthem has also been an opportunity for the revival of a friendship that was kind of forgotten and lost. [laughs] It was great actually! Everything worked not in a client and service provider kind of relationship but in a friendship. I told you, he called me for a good reason.

How long did you take to compose the anthem?
Oh, I didn’t have much time actually. The song was completed in five days since Arjun called me. It took three days to compose and two days to produce it.

That’s great! So, when was it launched?
Well, it was completed on 23rd of August and launched at the Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore.

Can you provide us an inside information about the song… like who worked with you for the musical part and where was it produced?
Well, actually some instruments have been recorded live by my band mates — like Guitar by Bryden, Flute by Parth Chandiramani and Bass Guitar by Gaurav while the rest of the instruments were programmed by me in the computer. The song was actually recorded at my own studio in Bangalore.

Do you think the backbone of the song is Arjun Ranga or the Mysore City?
Well, actually… the idea for the song was by Arjun Ranga but the backbone is definitely the Mysore city. Mysore is my heroine in this anthem [laughs].

Okay, so has the song reached the hearts of Mysoreans?
Well, it has just been a few days since the launch! It will take some time and once the tournament starts, we hope to reach more people through the song. But, yes! Whoever has listened to it have loved it!

You have composed many songs. Is there any difference you find in yourself while you worked for this anthem?
Well, inspiration was always in my heart as I am a Mysorean and I didn’t have to look on that. For other songs I usually look at the lyrics or the person who is acting in a film. But as I told before, Mysore city itself was my heroine, so it was really easy for me!

Do you think Mysore Warriors will win the KPL?
They are looking super good in the paper. I have met them couple of times during the shoot of music video and also its launch. They are in a very good form I believe. A few are experienced and some are brand new! Well, it’s a good mix. The determination should carry them forward. I would be really thrilled if they can get inspired by the song and bring home the winning trophy.

How has your journey been from the days of ‘Mysore se aayi’ to ‘Nee Salam Hodi?’
Well, my life has been eventful. It is worth a film story I guess someday… I don’t know. I really consider myself a very fortunate one for having experienced many amazing places, moments like playing in front of Queen Elizabeth herself and also for travelling around the world. Very few are blessed to live up to their dreams and I consider myself one of them. I have just loved each and every second of it.

Okay then, let’s wrap this session up with this last question. Any words you would like to tell to Mysoreans?
Well, I love you all! Please keep showering me and our Mysore Warriors all the love and wishes. I am looking forward to see you all support our team by sharing the anthem in social networking sites!

PS: Mysore Warriors anthem can be downloaded at

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