In Candid Conversation With Team Paachi

Originally published in Star of Mysore

Recently, the audio CD of Paachi, a featurette film produced by the city students was released in Vivekananda Auditorium of Mahajana College. Nirantara Creations of the city holds the credit for producing the featurette film with Karthik Nayaka as its Director. He also has credits in the film as a cinematographer, editor and VFX artiste. The featurette portrays Shreyas and Rajani Bharadwaj in the lead roles and has some sweet songs composed by Srisha Rao and written by Krishnamurthy.

The team behind this featurette purely belongs to Namma Mysuru and the team members have an innate passion towards film-making which has landed them today in the film industry with their debut film to make their mark. SOM caught up with the whole team of PAACHI to discuss about the film and their experiences. Excerpts:

First, the Director…

SOM: What is the film PAACHI about? What do you mean by it? What about the tagline ‘Paapi Chiraayu’?

Karthik Nayaka: Paachi in Kannada means weed, which grows in shady and damp places. We, through this film, are showing the weed of our shady dull society. To know the connection between the title and tagline, one has to wait and watch the film.

SOM: Whose idea was this?

Karthik Nayaka: We at ‘Nirantara Creations’ are passionate about film-making and wanted to experiment. We have two years of experience in short film-making but we were eager on making a featurette (60 mins film). We initially had few scripts but we were searching for a unique one. That’s when Srinivas Kashyap pitched up the story “Discover.” The whole team liked it and that’s how PAACHI was initiated.

SOM: How was the experience making PAACHI?

Karthik Nayaka: Film-making is something like a roller-coaster ride. We never know what is awaited in the next step. The same was the case with PAACHI. We have broken out many times but we never stopped moving ahead. The spirit of making this project has kept everyone breathing and exhaling warm air. We have had some quality moments in the sets. We have shot this film with certain limitations with the budget. We didn’t use dolly or jimmy jib. One day we stood on a car and took a ‘top angle shot.’ We have also used bikes to shoot some of the scenes. In total, we enjoyed every bit of independent film-making.

SOM: How many days did it take to complete the film?

Karthik Nayaka: We never counted days or time. Everyone was completely dedicated to this project. Since all of us had study holidays, we shot almost in our holidays and weekends.

SOM: Did anyone in the team have professional film-making background?

Karthik Nayaka: No! None of us have professional experience. This is completely an experimental work but we promise that this is not an amateur work.

SOM: What newness can we expect in this film, especially when Kannada films have been stereotyped with rowdyism and love failures?

Karthik Nayaka: Many filmmakers claim that their film is a mass film or a class one or a social one. But ours is an experimental film. It is a psychological thriller.

SOM: Are you ready for the release? When is the release?

Karthik Nayaka: We are now in the post production stage with editing making its final rounds. If everything goes as per our plans, people can enjoy this thriller flick in many of the nearest mini theatres and college auditoriums in December.

SOM: Why featurette and not a feature?

Karthik Nayaka: I believe that featurette film is the stage for us to learn and experiment with rather than a feature film. Thus, a featurette!

…then, the Music Composer

SOM: Tell us something about music for the movie.

Srisha Rao: The experience we had earlier through short films and video songs gave us a great sense of understanding which paved way for us to ‘Paachi.’ The storyline of the film demanded five songs which were possible because of Sharath and Rohith of Aarohana Studio in city. It is also a privilege to inform that the background music for the film has been scored by the city’s own renowned flautist Sameer. Auditions were held for the singers and we had found some fresh talents like Prashanth, Harsha, Dileep Sethu, Swaroop Ramesh, Nishkala Gowda and Amulya.

Finally, the lead actors…

SOM: How is it being featured in the lead role in this film?

Shreyas: Well, it has been a steep learning curve and feels good to be featured in the lead role. Nirantara Creations has further helped me improve my acting skills and I have given my best in this film.

SOM: We heard that you have returned from London. Any chances of going back to pursue your career? Or you wanna stay back here and make it in the film industry? 

Shreyas: I don’t like planning my next moves in life. As and when an opportunity knocks, I embrace it. For instance, I never planned on getting into the film industry, it happened by chance and I’m glad it did. As far as going back to the UK is concerned I don’t think I would plan to go now. I intend to stay back with my family for a while. 

SOM: Your experience as the lead role in the film. 

Rajani Bharadwaj: I always had a passion for acting and when Karthik approached me for the lead role I was ecstatic. It was wonderful working with Nirantara Creations and the rest of the team! They have tried to bring out the best in me. It was an overall joy ride experience.

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