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I would like to consider myself a creative professional with an interest and working experience in an array of verticals. I have worked in India for 4 years as a journalist in both print and digital media. During my tenure as a tech journalist at TechTree, I have written more than 3000 stories; interviewed some of the best tech gurus including Guy Kawasaki; covered international events like Huawei Connect in Shanghai and Gartner Symposium in Goa, and produced more than 300 videos for various YouTube channels. Before that, during my Internship at Star of Mysore, I wrote thoroughly researched full-page human interest stories - little did I know back then that it was the beginning of the Anthropologist spark in me! 


I have also worked on the corporate side for 4 years in Marketing, Communication, Graphic Designing, Brand Building, PR, and Social Media. Between Aug 2020 and Sept 2022, I solely managed the entire end-to-end communications for Biocon Academy building its brand and working on projects like revamping its website, planning and creating a dedicated alumni portal, building the brand presence, creating the quarterly newsletter BioZesta, and increasing the follower base trifold on LinkedIn and creating few digital initiatives including BioMinute, BioBrainer, and Bio Tips & Tricks. And before that, at IndiQube, I joined as a senior content writer for the marketing team, and my interest in digital media and communications inspired me to take up various roles including that of a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist.


I recently moved to Germany to pursue my second master's degree, MA in Visual Anthropology, Media, and Documentary Practices, at the University of Münster (WWU). Before this, back in 2015, I graduated with my MBA in Media and Entertainment from Bharathidasan University. I also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism from Karnataka State Open University.


While this has been my professional journey, I have also been actively involved in various creative projects on a more personal front. Having a deep interest in music, I have so far produced more than 100 royalty-free music tracks which are currently available on various platforms for licensing. I have also produced and released 8 songs in collaboration with musicians from various countries and different cultures which are available for streaming on all platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. In the middle of the Pandemic situation in 2020, I started vlogging every week on my YouTube channel for a year documenting my journey as an independent music composer and producer.


Apart from these, my interest in music and audio technology inspired me to start - an effort to capture the latest news, trends, reviews, and interviews about audio and music technology. I also founded Phal Music as an independent record label to produce music and music videos through crowdfunding. I even developed as a subscription portal for my royalty-free music tracks.


I feel an 'About Me' section is simply not enough to talk about me, my interests, and my work. If you are interested to know more, I would encourage you to visit or even try GOOGLING my name! ;-)

PM with Guy Kawasaki.jpg

Phalgunn Maharishi with Guy Kawasaki at Goa in 2017

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