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Exploring Authenticity and Performance in Vlogging for Module 2 in my Master's Degree

Exciting News! I just completed what seems to be the final edit of my first anthropologically informed film! 🎥 I am thrilled to share that as part of module 2 in my Master's Degree journey at the University of Münster, I've been working for the past two months on my first anthropological film, delving into the captivating world of vlogging and exploring the intriguing dynamics of authenticity and performance. 🎬

In this film, I've had the privilege of following the incredible journey of Jenna Davis from Life in Germany, immersing myself in vlogging. Additionally, I had the honor of engaging in insightful conversations with the brilliant Anthropologist and YouTuber, Michael Wesch. Their expertise and experiences have provided invaluable insights into the realm of vlogging and the intriguing interplay between authenticity and performance. 🌍

Drawing inspiration from the works of renowned Performance Studies scholars, Richard Schechner and Erving Goffman, I've been delving deeper into the notion that everything we do is a performance. From the intimate moments of wedding vows to the complex procedures of surgeries, our lives are filled with performative acts. 🎭

Throughout this enriching experience, I've had the guidance and supervision of the remarkable Prof. Dr. Chris Wright of Goldsmiths, whose expertise and support have been instrumental in shaping this film. The past two months have been a treasure trove of knowledge and personal growth, and I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity to explore these thought-provoking themes. 🙏

Stay tuned as I work towards the release of my film, aiming to shed light on the fascinating intersections of vlogging, authenticity, and performance. The film also comes with a supplementary essay where I write about the need to study vlogging and multimodality. I can't wait to share this creative endeavor with you all! 😊

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