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"One More Walk" Officially Selected for Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions 2024

I've had a deep interest in producing films and telling stories visually for a long time, but I had kind of limited my efforts to just creating music videos and vlogs all these years. However, since I came to Germany and started working on research projects for my master's degree, I have been focusing on using filmmaking as a research methodology and as a way of representing my research work. So far, I've made three films: "The Authentic Performance," "One More Walk," and "The God from the Cinemas."

Today, I am super excited to share that my short film "One More Walk," which was produced in a week during an ethnographic filmmaking workshop we had last year under the mentorship of Eleftherios Fylaktos and Thomas John, is officially selected for Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions by Lift-Off Global Network. I must thank both for sitting with me for hours to make me realize that a story is worth telling with a few questions being answered in our minds: Why are we doing the film, and why telling that story? Why not something else? Why that particular style of filmmaking? What might be the impact of this story on the audience? What would the conversations be after watching the film? Many questions need to be answered when reflecting on our standpoint.

"One More Walk" has an experimental POV-style narrative that tells a unique story of a letter being written to a long-lost friend while raising certain profound questions about family dynamics and what is right and what is wrong along the way. The film is around 4 minutes long and is being screened online for the next two weeks through Vimeo on Demand. It is accessible, along with other amazing films being screened under the category "Student Shorts P2" as part of the festival, by purchasing a ticket. 

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